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“Undeniable breaks in the DNA chain

The surprise effect of the REFLEX results, which were obtained during the 2000-2004 period, is in two Reflex laboratories that DNA simple- or double-strand breaks are produced in several cell systems under the effect of the very low frequencies or radio frequencies to which these cell samples were exposed.

Furthermore, these genotoxic phenomena are present even when descending below the magnetic flux densities or specific absorption rates that comply with the safety standards in place. “At this stage, these results – the reliability of which we can guarantee as they originate in a common work platform with several participating laboratories – do not enable us to draw any conclusions in terms of health,” stresses Franz Adlkofer of the Verum Foundation in Munich (DE), the project coordinator.

“The research we have carried out provides biological indications that clearly concur and constitute an initial knowledge base. Other studies must now investigate the specific points of our results – such as the fact that the genotoxic effect of very-low-frequency electromagnetic fields is only produced on intermittent exposure, not on continuous exposure, and that in the radiofrequency range intermittent exposure generates stronger genotoxic effects than continuous exposure.”

More about the author, German Scientist Franz Adlkofer