As before, the calorie restriction (CR) literature has accumulated faster than we could blog about it. Here, without comment, are excerpted abstracts from the last couple of months. I’ve tried to include in the excerpts only the essential conclusion/”money shot” of the study, and not much else — for more detail, click through the links to the full abstracts. Abstracts are ordered in rough order of decreasing interest to me (so you might want to start at the bottom).

Nerve function & structure: The molecular architecture of myelinated peripheral nerves is supported by calorie restriction with aging, Rangaraju et al.:

Age-associated reduction in the expression of the major myelin proteins and widening of the nodes of Ranvier are attenuated by the dietary intervention, which is paralleled with the maintenance of a differentiated Schwann cell phenotype. The improvements in nerve architecture with diet restriction, in part, are…

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